Welcome to Tavern on the Square! Come and enjoy some of the best themed nights in Ocala, such as, Wine Down Wednesdays (Guests can can enjoy $4 wines and $5 martinis all night), Live Jazz on Thursday nights, Latin Fridays, and Dance parties every Saturday.
“Tavern on the Square’s kitchen now features a modern gourmet dinner menu.” said Philip Glassman, owner.
Philip is familiar with finer dining in Ocala; one of his better-known initiatives was the swanky POSH 27 – known as much for its decor as its upper-end cuisine – years back in the facility next to Hollywood 16 that now hosts Hooters.
There are a little over 100 seats for dining, including three 10-person community tables, and patio dining in front overlooking the square. Cigars are available on a screened area out back.


Chef Tony, Tavern on the SquareAntonio “Chef Tony” Deras arrived in this country at the very beginning of adulthood. He came from a very humble family, & they instilled within him a strong work ethic. He began working in the restaurant business as a way to pay the bills, then he became immediately interested in food. He enjoyed watching creations being made, and he fell in love with the process.
Antonio realized that a plate was more than just a meal it was an expression of love being created. Throughout the years, his passions heightened. So much so, he wanted to share them with the world. He was soon inspired to become a celebrity chef.
Antonio was not scared to push the boundaries of culinary arts, in order to create something that could possibly touch the hearts of the people who have tried it. He has many goals and aspirations in life, so he works hard everyday to better himself. With the many years of experience behind him; he hopes this is only the beginning in his journey in the Art of Food.